My Story


We all seek to understand ourselves more deeply. We all want to be in gratitude, love, and celebration. We CAN be fully awake, alive, and joyful... 

That's where I come in... I act as a visual shaman by painting cosmic truths. My work is a meditation, and hanging it in your space wakes up your soul, daily. 

You become what surrounds you, so surround yourself with inspiration! I paint moments of transcendence, joy, enlightenment, illumination because that’s my dream for humanity...


On the auspicious day of 7/7/77
, I was born into a loving family in the Heartland. Blessed with a sense of magic early on, I made art since I could hold a crayon. 

A taste for adventure called me to Europe as a teen, and I drank up the culture. Back in America, I followed music and my bliss around the lower 48 states. A bohemian need for freedom became a major inspiration. 

Following my dreams of enchanted forests to the West Coast, I graduated from the Evergreen State College with my BA in Interdisciplinary Art. 

Soon after, I left my town, boyfriend, business, and friends. I was searching, but for what? I moved to a yoga retreat center in the middle of the desert a mile from the Mexican border. My version of 40 days in the desert, but for a whole year. 

I spent my time meditating, being of service, and reflecting. What is our true nature? What is true love? How can I be a strong, independent woman? What is my purpose?

Fun fact: during one retreat we had to “find the name of our inner child.” I determined mine was the same name I gave my beloved wolf dog, so I went by Oona for the rest of the year. I still use it as my artist name.

On my birthday, still unclear, I cried to my mom on the phone, and decided to go to grad school. Here was the fork in my road. Business School or Art School? I listened deeply to myself, found my inner guru, and I chose Art...

Fully embracing my art practice allowed me to fully accept myself. It was a journey to get there, but I came full circle. I was there all along. 

Within two months I enrolled at the oldest art school in the country — The San Francisco Art Institute. I wanted to unpack everything I learned in the desert and share it with the world. I earned my MFA in 2007 and became a professional artist.

in the studio and at shows, meghan oona clifford

Becoming an artist allowed me to share my vision, honor those moments of inspired awareness, and celebrate my deep belief in humanity’s potential. 

I develop my pieces based on an effective creativity formula I developed - using drawing exercises, self-reflection, and a clear intention to uplift and inspire. 

And that brings me to now. Because I love exploring our path to greater awareness, I'm sharing these insights with the world...

in the studio and at shows, meghan oona clifford, megan oona, megan oona art

If you want to be part of what I'm doing, you can purchase of piece of art right now! Please peruse my Collections to see what most resonates with you.

If you're a fellow artist who wants to bring your art practice to the next level, join me in The Creative Path Workshop to become the artist you're meant to be. 

Thanks for taking a peek into my journey!
♥ ~ Meghan Oona


Vibrant, playful, and startlingly expressive portraits that crackle with incandescent energy, the kind you might experience in a highly charged dream sequence saturated with never ending color, geometry, and rhythm… I found myself saying “Wow! the first time I saw Meghan’s work… (the Art People)

Inspired and inspiring… While her work carries a sense of boundless energy and unbridled creativity, there is also a formal intricacy and hard-earned craftsmanship that holds it all together… richly colored, wildly tangential abstract vibrancy… (Jon Zimmerman, for Surrender to the Flow Magazine)

Absolutely gorgeous! a modern Klimt! (Gregory G.)