The Creative Path Workshop


Enrollment for The Workshop is Now CLOSED.
The Creative Path Workshop: A Soulful Guide to Live Your Most Creative Life.

I don't want you to be frustrated, blocked, afraid, unmotivated, or too busy to be creative. Why? Because the world needs your art!

For a short time this month, I'm offering a FREE Creative Path Training, which includes the 'Reactivate Your Creative Power' ebook, 'Clear Your Creative Blocks' Assessment, and a Map to Your Highest Creativity. NOW is the time to sign up, before the freebies go away.

I earned my Master of Fine Arts ten years ago so I could teach at the highest level. Since then I developed a formula for artists to create a prolific art practice to share their unique style and message. This is so much more than an art class - it’s a spiritual journey. 

Interested in the Creative Path Workshop?:

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You'll get these goodies as a Thank You for joining this creative community:
• A FREE Creative Path Training
• Three videos about becoming the artist you're meant to be
• A 22-page ebook: 'Reactivate Your Creative Power'
• The 'Clear Your Blocks' Assessment
• A Guide to Your Highest Creativity
• A free, downloadable art print, ready to frame

 Plus, you can access:
• Inspiring videos of the painting process
• Behind-the-scenes peeks into my art studio
• A free, downloadable art print, ready to frame
• Resources and tools to awaken your soul to joyful living

The Creative Path Workshop features:

A Professional Guide:

Meghan Oona Clifford earned her Masters in Fine Arts in 2007 from the oldest art school in the country - the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work has been shown and published worldwide. She's authorized to teach graduate level students, and brings years of prolific art-making experience to her workshops.

Fulfilling Self-Expression:

This course is designed to activate your artistic output while finding your unique voice and developing a style that's your very own!

Flexible Learning from the Comforts of Home:

With an online course, students can work at their own pace, from their own home. This allows each student to absorb the lessons in the best way for them.

Inspired Lessons for All Levels:

This workshop is nurturing, practical, and transformational whether you're a beginner or pro. It's soul-searching mixed with painting and drawing exercises, designed to awaken and express your unique voice.

The workshop opens for enrollment for only a few days this January. We'll enroll a small group of people, then close registration so we can start the course. Signing up right now guarantees you'll be the first to be able to get in. 


Thank you, Meghan, for the inspiration! I'm looking 
forward to exploring the creative process with you! 
-Jaimee M. New Haven, CT

Meghan Oona has encouraged me to find healing
through my art. 
-Polly H.

Thank you for helping to motivate me to continue
doing what I love, creating beautiful and functional art! 
-Dawn A., New York

Meghan Oona honors everything I hold dear; the goddess,
love, life, emotions, music, self-expression and wonder.  
-Meghan E.

Thank you for inspiring others through your artwork. It
motivates me to create more!! 
-M. Ballester, NY, NY.

I love watching you create! Your videos and posts are
inspiring me to make art more frequently and to always
be creating. 
-B.N. Waites

Meghan Oona inspires me by staying open to connect with
other artists.  
-Sara C.