In honor of what my ancestors couldn’t do.

I am an Artist

Art is my language, my energy, my dance.

Art is my inquiry into what makes us whole. Trusting the art as my path, I am called the way a priestess is called.

This is my spiritual practice. Creativity is my library and my church. My place of stillness, peace, study, and worship. This is my way to be me in the world.

I am not a robot. I am not barren. I am not hard.

I am real. I  am passionate. I am a vessel. 

I walk into the sacred. I dive underwater into the All-Encompassing. I become more whole. I harvest inspiration. I bring back bliss.

I am a Nurturer
I am Nourishing

I weave colors.
I make a portal.
I amplify our true essence.

It's an invitation - enter for union.

Art and Love Letters

From the Press

Vibrant, playful, and startlingly expressive portraits that crackle with incandescent energy, the kind you might experience in a highly charged dream sequence saturated with never ending color, geometry, and rhythm… I found myself saying 'Wow!' the first time I saw Meghan’s work.

— The Art People

Inspired and inspiring… While her work carries a sense of boundless energy and unbridled creativity, there is also a formal intricacy and hard-earned craftsmanship that holds it all together… richly colored, wildly tangential abstract vibrancy.

— Surrender to the Flow Magazine

The Creative Path Workshop

Join anytime to get all six chapters, 30 inspiring creativity exercises, three transformational painting lessons, and five Q&A sessions, plus so much more. This is a priceless experience for committed artists who want to go even deeper with your creativity.

Please join me from the comfort of your home to activate your art practice. Learn more here.

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