I'm Meghan Oona - Creativity Guide and Master of Fine Arts. 

I believe we all seek to understand ourselves more deeply... We all want to be in gratitude, love, and celebration. I believe we CAN be fully awake, alive, and joyful. That's where I come in! I act as a visual shaman by painting cosmic truths. My work is a meditation, and hanging it in your space wakes up your soul, daily.

I also lead The Creative Path Workshops™ to help my fellow artists make their most uplifting art.

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My Journey

A story of art, adventure, and enlightenment...

From the Press

Vibrant, playful, and startlingly expressive portraits that crackle with incandescent energy, the kind you might experience in a highly charged dream sequence saturated with never ending color, geometry, and rhythm… I found myself saying 'Wow!' the first time I saw Meghan’s work.

— The Art People

Inspired and inspiring… While her work carries a sense of boundless energy and unbridled creativity, there is also a formal intricacy and hard-earned craftsmanship that holds it all together… richly colored, wildly tangential abstract vibrancy.

— Surrender to the Flow Magazine

Workshop Testimonials