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The Mystical Artist Who Paints Moments of Enlightenment

On the auspicious day of 7.7.77, Meghan Oona was born into a loving family in the Heartland. Blessed with a sense of magic early on, she made art since she could hold a crayon.

Following her dreams of enchanted forests to the West Coast, Meghan Oona graduated from Evergreen State College with her BA in Interdisciplinary Art.

After spending a year in the desert on a vision quest, Meghan Oona clarified that art is her purpose, then earned her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and became a professional artist.

Meghan Oona makes vibrant and celebratory art to awaken people to their true essence. Infatuated with the world’s mythological, artistic, and spiritual traditions, her practice explores archetypes and paths to bliss.

The art is about soul-awakening, blending cosmic beings with meticulous and colorful abstraction, using her unique, freestyle knotwork. Meghan Oona's background in fashion design informs the work. She uses multiple mediums like oil, pencil, and acrylic on canvas, paper, and wood.

Meghan Oona’s work has been featured by MTV’s Street Team, Bored Panda, The Art People, Pool Tradeshow, Wemoon, Surrender to the Flow, moreTrees clothing, Lip Magazine, White Apricot, The Utne Reader, Eco-Chick, G Living Network, iCanvas, and Meditation Talks. Her work is enjoyed by private collectors around the world.

Meghan Oona loves to help her fellow artists go deeper in their art practice. Her online lessons create confident, prolific artists by expanding their portfolio and giving them practical tools to define their unique style and message. 

Curriculum Vitae

Meghan Oona Clifford, M.F.A.
San Francisco Bay Area, CA | email:

Selected Solo and Group Shows:
Star Dust: The Art of Meghan Oona, Elevation 66, El Cerrito, CA. 2016
The Visual Taoism of Meghan Oona Clifford, Elevation 66, El Cerrito, CA. 2015
The Elevated Art of Meghan Oona, Elevation 66, El Cerrito, CA. 2014
Meghan Oona Clifford: Illuminated Art of Flow, Black Faun Gallery, Eureka, CA. 2012
Womb of Creation - An Exhibition of Women Visionaries, Tribe 13 Gallery, Ukiah, CA. 2010
7th Annual Interdimensional Art Show, Madrone Studios, San Francisco, CA. 2010
Art Now’s Circle of Life Show, 1:AM Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2009
Art Now’s Veni Vidi Vici’s Art Show, Club 6, San Francisco, CA. 2009
Art Now’s Suite Jesus, 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA. 2008
The Historic Future Crew’s Goin’ Down in Chinatown, Li-Po Lounge, San Francisco, CA. 2008
RE:CREATION, The Official STS9 After Party, Berkeley, CA. 2008
Rise Up International Benefit Show, LA, CA. 2008
H.O.P.E., Edifice Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO. 2008
San Francisco Art Institute Vernaissage - MFA Thesis Show, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA. 2007
Alternative Contexts, Swell Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA. 2007
Tribe 13’s Interdimensional Art Show, 108 Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2005
I Want Burning, The Family Tree, Olympia, WA. 2001
Ecstatic Poetry and Images, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. 2001

Publications and Press:
A Getaway to the Deeper Realms of the Soul - the Must-See Art Work of Meghan Oona, Meditation Talks, 2017
I Paint Visionary Art to Awaken Your Soul,
Bored Panda, 2017
Genesis, We’Moon Calendar and Date Book, 2017
Path to Bliss, feature article, The Art People / People Project Magazine, 2013
Hestia, We’Moon Calendar and Date Book, 2013
Synesthesia, Surrender to the Flow Magazine, 2013
Modern Mystics Inspire, feature article, Surrender to the Flow Magazine. 2011
Creation, Pool Tradeshow Catalog, LA, CA. 2008
Interviewed by MTV’s Street Team. 2008
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle, feature article, White Apricot. 2008
Designs featured in Australia’s Lip Magazine. 2008
Urban Clothing Design + Ancient Textiles = Modern Style, feature article, G Living Network. 2007
Designs featured on 2006 
Affordable Chic, feature article, E: The Environmental Magazine. 2005
Hip, Hot, and Happening, feature article, The Utne Reader. 2004

Sample Published Works / Workshops:
The Creative Path Workshop. 2018
Rituals for Artists Workshop. 2018
You Are Good Enough Workshop. 2018
Meghan Oona's Art Journal Blog, 2007-present
Recipes for Compassion Vegan Cookbook and Blog. 2013
All Praise: Seeing, to Become Artist’s Book, San Francisco, CA. 2012
Your Eyes Are My Eyes, Too: Artist’s Book, San Francisco, CA. 2008
Koan #7, Master’s Thesis Installation, SFAI MFA Vernissage, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA. 2007
Hidden Noise, Sound Collaboration CD, San Francisco, CA. 2007
The Art of Meghan Oona Clifford art book, San Francisco, CA. 2007.
Your Eyes Are My Eyes, Collection of Photography, San Francisco, CA. 2007
moreTrees clothing company catalogs, Olympia, WA. 2001, LA, CA. 2004, San Francisco, CA. 2006
Screenprinting and Textile Art Workshops, Olympia, WA 2001

Other Work and Experience:
Creative Director, CEO, and Founder, moreTrees organic clothing company, West Coast. 2001-2017
Head Vegan Chef, World Evolution Yoga Retreat Center, San Diego, CA. 2004-2005
Co-Manager, Slyvan Wisdom Art Cooperative Storefront, Olympia, WA. 2003-2004
Research Intern for Woody Harrelson’s Voice Yourself. LA, CA. 2001
Co-Director, The Family Tree Art Collective, Olympia, WA. 2001-2003

Extensive knowledge of art history, conceptual art, installation art, and graphic design. Extensive professional experience using figurative, illustrative, realism, and abstract painting and drawing techniques.

Extensive knowledge of Video, Computers, and Design, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Soundtrack Pro, Pages, MicroSoft Word/Excel/Power Point, Numbers, Quickbooks, and HTML.

Professional knowledge of Textiles and Fashion Product Development, including machine sewing, dyeing, fabric painting, and screen-printing. Extensive experience using mood boards, manual pattern-making, spec sheets, sourcing, sample production, and full line production.

M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA. 2005-2007
B.A. Interdisciplinary Art, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. 1999-2001
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI. 1999
Madison West High School, Madison, WI. 1995

Additional Studies:
Spiritual Studies, World Evolution Yoga Loft and Retreat Centers, San Diego and L.A., CA. 2001-2005
Permaculture Design, Wild Thyme Farm, M. Auerbach, Olympia, WA. 2001-2002

Research and Exhibition Interests:
Art and Modern Mysticism
Shamanic Journeys
Art as Activism
Music and Art
Neo Fashion Illustration
Enlightenment Through Art
Rumi and the mystic poets of Sufism 
Dress and Ornamentation
Religious Iconography
Illuminated Manuscripts
Jungian Archetypes
Greek, Buddhist, and Christian Mythology