How did you get started?

You can read my Bio here.

Do you do commissioned paintings?

I will consider commissioned paintings. Please email me with a detailed description of your thoughts and we can go from there.

How do you price your art?

Prices are market rate, determined by a size-based formula. There's a little wiggle room to account for cost of materials and time spent. 

I'm with the press and would like to write an article about you, how do I contact you for an interview?

Thank you for your interest. Please email me and we can discuss the article.

What galleries have you shown in?

My CV lists my gallery shows. 

Can I get a tattoo of your art?

I'd be flattered! I only ask that you send me a picture of it :)

I'm doing a school project, can I ask you some questions for it?

Thank you for your interest. Because I can't answer every inquiry at this time, please check out my Bio.

What's the best way to follow your art?

portfolio | instagram | pinterest | facebook | newsletter

How can I contact you?

Please email me, thank you!