(A Creative Path Workshop Peek) Exercise: Both Hands


Designed to balance, center, and activate your whole mind and body, this exercise may surprise you with your what non-dominant hand can do!


• 2 sheets of Bristol paper
• Oil pastels, markers, or pencils



Take an oil stick in each hand.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly for a few breaths.
Place your pastels anywhere on your paper, and without lifting them, let loose! Let each hand go wild, drawing independently and also interacting with each other.
On a second sheet of paper, bring your hands to the center of the page, and mirror the same shapes at the same time with both hands.
• Repeat as desired.

Sketchbook Reflection:

• Jot down a word or two about how you felt doing this exercise.
• What other resources can you add to your art-making that you maybe ignore or forgot about?


• Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards