Exercise: Name Your Inner Child


This exercise can reveal our spiritual artist name by re-connecting with the self that never “grows up."


• Sketchbook
• Your favorite pen

<insert video>


• Retreat from reality for a little while in whatever way you can. Don’t drive anywhere, stay put, slow down, breathe for a couple of days. Decide you will find the name of your inner child, but don’t push, or try, just open up and let it come.
• Think about sound more than meaning. If you had to yell outside to summon your inner-child who was out playing all day, what sounds come to mind?
• Make lists of options as they come to you. Sleep on it.
• Once you decide, think about what you can do with this name. Will it be a secret name? A pen name? A spiritual name? The name of your inner child is meant to connect you with your true self, the self that never “grows up,” the part that never dies.
• Bonus points: Re-watch the Never-ending Story for some inspiration. Remember when Bastian has to name the child-like Empress? Epic.

Sketchbook Reflection:

• write thoughts


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