Rituals for Artists Workshop

How to create rituals for your art so you can access the flow state on demand...

Does your art and soul need a little inspiration? 

This easy workshop shakes things up in your studio by adding some magic and sacredness to your art. 

Learn why ritual is such a powerful trigger for your creativity - and exactly how to harness it. Create your own rituals from scratch by awakening your senses, using the elements, and activating your mindset.

You'll receive three video lessons, 13 action prompts, and 40 mantras to help you learn that:

✼ Making art is sacred 
 Artists are shamans
 Life is better because of art
 Art practice is spiritual practice
 Artists need ritual to get inspired
 Art heals the world
 Artists help humanity evolve

Imagine what your life and art would be like if you added more sacredness to your practice. 
Join us for this life-affirming experience to jumpstart your creativity, in just minutes a day. When you sign up, you’ll receive:

✼ Three video lessons to build ritual into your art-making
 13 action prompts to create your best rituals
 40 inspiring art mantras



Thank you, Meghan, for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to exploring the creative process with you!
-Jaimee M. New Haven, CT

It’s like church for artists, I’m always shouting “Yes! Yes!” Thank you. I've already learned more than I can type. My gratitude for this is deep.
-Mayda C.

Meghan Oona has encouraged me to find healing through my art. 
-Polly H.

Thank you for helping to motivate me to continue doing what I love, creating beautiful and functional art!
-Dawn A., New York

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