Seeds: The Fertile Void (Online Art Show)

This biomorphic collection explores how flora connects with the female-mother-body. 

The work looks playful and botanical, evoking bubble-style graffiti writing, but also contains deeper emotions about infertility, loss, hope, and joy. 

Scroll at your leisure to check out the Artist Talk, Painting Demo, and peeks of the framed work on walls...

Turning all those raw feelings into these new paintings was pretty magical and I'm honored to share it here with you. ~Meghan Oona


Framed and Hanged

9x12s and 12x16s come mounted and framed, with optional plexiglass. All other sizes also arrive ready to hang.

🍷☕️🎨👁 Let's drink some wine, or coffee, or whatever wets your whistle... either way, I'd love to and contemplate some deep artsy thoughts with you...

What do the paintings make you think of? How do they make you feel? Which is your favorite? and why?

Are you going to grab one to brighten up your walls? or give as a gift? (Your support and encoragement mean the world!)

Any questions for me?... please email me at if the comment box is being weird 🤪