You Are Good Enough Workshop

How to Believe in Your Art So You Can Fully Express Your Voice in the World

Are you a Creative Spirit with gifts to share? Are you tired of being held back by insecurity, distractions, and lack of direction?

In this Workshop, Meghan Oona will guide you through 3 video lessons to activate skill and confidence in your art practice and life. You’ll learn how to make time for your art so you can connect fully in this world as a thriving Creative Spirit, by doing a 10-minute prompted sketchbook exercise every day for 30 days.

You'll receive 3 Video Lessons and 30-Days of Prompts to help you transform limiting beliefs like:

I’m not good enough
• Everyone’s better than me
• Life is too exhausting for art
• I can’t find time to create
• I won’t live up to my own high standards
• I’m scared of being judged
• I can’t measure up
• I don’t deserve “me time”
• It’s not safe to express myself
• There’s never enough time

Imagine what your life and art would be like if you truly believed You Are Good Enough!
Join us for this transformational experience. When you sign up, you’ll receive:

• 3 video lessons to build your skills and confidence
• 30-Days of easy Sketchbook Prompts to jumpstart your transformation, in just 10 minutes a day



Thank you, Meghan, for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to exploring the creative process with you!
-Jaimee M. New Haven, CT

Meghan Oona has encouraged me to find healing through my art. 
-Polly H.

Thank you for helping to motivate me to continue doing what I love, creating beautiful and functional art!
-Dawn A., New York

Thank you for taking the time to understand individuals' creative thoughts and needs. 
-Leah S.

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